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Life here in The Heart of Oklahoma is amazing. Few places offer the safety and comfort of small town life with the progressive business sense of a thriving community. The Heart of Oklahoma offers a slice of life that is hard to come by. Our communities are concerned about each other and the quality of life that we share. Our rolling hills, tree covered lanes, and quiet neighborhoods remind you of a time gone by, yet our emerging business community reflects a vision of a growing and thriving economy. Here in The Heart of Oklahoma both coexist. You see our visionary business sense wrapped in our small town charm.

The area was first settled by the Chickasaw Indians in 1837. They had traveled from Mississippi and had acquired land from the Choctaw Indians. They settled in as the first cattle ranchers in the area. Soon the railroad followed the Chickasaw’s success and the Santa Fe Railroad placed a depot at the bottom of what is now known as “Depot Hill”. The City Of Purcell was officially named after the railroad’s director at the time, E.B. Purcell. Because of the amount of trading that took place here Purcell was nicknamed the “Queen City” of Indian Territory. On September, 30, 1893 our grand state started it’s birthing process right here in Purcell, when representatives from Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory held the first meetings for single statehood at 319 West Washington. The Chickasaw Nation still resides here to this day, building upon decades of success to serve the Chickasaw people and the community. Just like the pioneers of early times, we still consider our town the “Queen City”, because it is a great place to live as well do business. And to this day we are the “Heart of Oklahoma”, not just in the history books, but in our actions and thoughts. We believe that we best exemply the pioneering spirit, the compassionate heart and the visionary mind that is Oklahoma.

We invite you to join our community. Experience the richness of life and history that Purcell has to offer. Revel in our deep history and embrace our bright future. Let your heart become the “Heart of Oklahoma.”

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